Who are you?

I’m nothing like a professional; I’m just a fan of good entertainment, who enjoys subjecting people to my opinions. Email me at yearlatereviews@gmail.com if you have any questions or feedback, but please read this page first for the latter.

Why a year late?

After a year, people with opinions on a work have become much less belligerent about the topic, the work is generally cheaper and easier to access, the creator has usually any particularly burning questions… you get the idea. After a year, we can start seeing the work from a more nuanced and objective perspective than we could when it was first released.

Will you review [work name here]?

There are only 2 criteria for what I will review:

– It came out exactly one year ago

– I hold an opinion on it

The second one is much easier to satisfy than the first, but it means you won’t be getting very many reviews of stuff like romantic comedies, MMORPGs, or soap operas – I’m a very SF&F, story-focused person.

Why don’t you use a score?

Because if I just put a score, then quite a few people aren’t going to read a word of what I actually write, instead skipping straight to the score and judging the entire review based on that. My thumb format allows me to summarize my feelings about a movie better than a single number can, because almost everything I review here has its good points and bad points.

Why are you so negative?

Because, frankly, it’s funnier that way. I like a lot of the things I write about, but a half-dozen pages of gushing isn’t very engaging or entertaining.

You’re wrong, and [work name here] is [better/worse (pick one)] than you say it is!

Not only is this not a question, it disregards something fundamental: The fact that while I try to make this as analytical as I can, it’s all just my opinion in the end. If you don’t share it, then I doubt reading this will change your mind. Also keep in mind that all my joking at a work’s expense is meant to be in good fun, and only vaguely indicative of how I actually feel toward it.

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